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The Benefits of TimeTec Access
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

TimeTec Access deployment incurs a low total investment particularly for facilities with low door count because you neither need to invest in any servers nor the maintenance that comes with it. TimeTec Access is cloud-based which makes implementation of this solution at various locations with centralized control is feasible with minimal equipments. You only pay for what you use, and the price does not fluctuate for a small deployment or a large one because the costs for cloud-based solution like Time Access are moved from capital expenses to operating expenses.
Greater Reliability

TimeTec Access has a dedicated team of experts working 24/7 to service customer technical support and requests plus we have a highly reliable data centers to maintain entry/exit logs and we maintain a rules-based alerts to ensure exception situations get addressed appropriately and in time.
Far Better Flexibility

TimeTec Access allows system management from anywhere the world for any locations. You can manage thousands of credentials and doors, create logical groups across physical locations and manage access schedules in real time seamlessly and without any worry. Gone were the days where one lost credential could cause havoc and physical presence to solve it.
Better Security

Application and data in TimeTec Access are hosted in physically secure co-location facilities and we have redundant servers to ensure better uptime and no data lost. All communications are highly encrypted and TimeTec Access deploys our patent-pending two-layer authentication, first in-App verification and followed by a BLE authentication for a secure access.