Smart Access, Mobile Authentication
Cloud-Based Physical Access Control System
What is TimeTec Access?
TimeTec Access is a comprehensive ACaaS, or Access Control as a Service we offer to the world
Multi-Tenant, Scalable & On-Demand, Redundancy
Simplified hardware onsite. cloud servers, smartphone will be used as the major credential
Two major changes in user levels
1. Smart phone as a new credential,
2. Putting huge computing power into your new credential
The Impacts

A new batch of simplified hardware controllers
App loads with major features
Check your own activity logs
Lower cost in hardware investment & Deployment
Preset access level stored in your smartphone
Smartphone as a commanding and remote control handset
Reasons to shift to TimeTec Access
• Secure Data   • Remote Management   • Realtime Control   • Multiple locations one centralized control   • Secure communications   • Scalable at its best   • Low deployment budget
The Benefits

Lowest total cost of ownership
Greater reliability
Far better flexibility
Better security

TimeTec Access App

Regular Usage/Personalization
Complex Settings and Reporting
Integrate with IoT devices
Tap on Smartphone Native Functionality
Two-Factor Authentication
TimeTec Access Iot & Ble Smart Security Series
Defend and Automate
Smart Controller
New breed of access controller specially designed for ACaaS market.
Smart Lift
For employees and visitors to access to their designated floors through TimeTec Access App or TimeTec VMS App respectively.
Smart Barrier
Automate the opening of barrier gate for employees' registered cars at the entrance and exit by using TimeTec Access App.
Smart Turnstile
Seamlessly Integrated with TimeTec Access App and TimeTec VMS App to secure entrance control.
Smart Lock
Suitable for individual office and public facility areas to achieve automation and to facilitate facility booking through TimeTec Access App.
Smart Alarm *
Suitable for individual offices and can be connected to the Siren Kit at the guardhouse as centralized alarm system.

* Coming Soon
Smart Siren Kit
Integrate TimeTec Wireless Alarm and panic button on TimeTec Access App to trigger the alarm system at the guardhouse.
Smart Card Reader
Integrate with TimeTec VMS to authenticate visitor identity for smooth and secure visitation.
Smart IPCamera
Cloud surveillance that Integrate with TimeTec Access system and its App for better office buildings’ monitoring.
What is IoT?
What is AWS IoT?
What is BLE?
We speak your language
TimeTec Access is available in 20 languages; on web and mobile app.
English • Spanish • Indonesian • Malay • Chinese Traditional • Chinese Simplified • Thai • Arabic • Vietnamese • German • Portuguese • Hindi • Japanese • Turkish and more...
Why Choose Us?
• Comprehensive Features   • More Cloud Solutions Available   • Privacy Concerns   • System Level Agreement (SLA)   • Multilingual System For Convenience   • Quality & Maturity In System Design   • Iot Integration Capability   • Strong Back End   • Better Resources   • Security Concerns Addressed
We go the extra mile and integrate TimeTec Access solution with our other cloud options to provide you with convenience and efficiency.
Patrol Security Guards Monitoring System
Attendance & Scheduling Solution for Staff and Guards
Cloud Video Surveillance and Storage Solution
Visitor Management Solution for Offices and Towers
TimeTec Access is suitable to all kinds of workplace environments.
Any requirements for residentials, explore i-Neighbour for an integrated residential and visitor management with mobile-centric cloud access control and start build your very own smart community.