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Advantages of Electronic Access Control
It's a known fact that physical keys can be copied very easily; however duplicating electronic keys needs a certain sets of skills and sophistication, which the average Joe couldn’t do. Therefore, electronic access system is proven to improve security than the conventional locks and keys.
Basic Components of a General Access Control System
The definition of access control is a way of limiting access to a system or to physical or virtual resources. There are four main elements that make up an access control system, which are credentials, readers, locking devices and controllers/panels.
Deployment of an Advanced Building Access System
Installation of advanced door access system in a building/premise is no longer an option. It has become extremely important because it protects the company's profits by keeping revenue-generating equipment secure. A must-have tools and criteria for a building access system would include centralized management, detailed access transactions, advanced notification and credible verification method i.e. biometrics/smartcard.
Survey and Design of Systems
Several factors need to be taken into consideration when planning an implementation of electronic access control system.
Installation and Commissioning
All electronic access control suppliers have to know the installation and commissioning process when it comes to deployment of the system. It is very important to stress on containment or protection of the cables plus the fixing to ensure their security and resistance to the elements, abuse and mechanical impact. Inspection of the equipment, parts and the software.
Maintenance in Door Access System
Maintenance is compulsory to ensure the smooth running of a system as according to its original functions and specifications. Even the best equipments require maintenance to function properly over time.
Smart Access Control Implementation
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