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Reasons why access control business should be giving you more money
Contemplating on what are the products that are driving business in the security industry, and whether you should choose between Access Control and Video Surveillance? And whether or not you have made the right decision in choosing the products for your business? Perhaps this article could sway your decision-making process and convince you that your decision is spot-on.
1. Access Control Solution is Not a Generic Solution
With Access Control solution, customers can't just enter into any hardware store to scout for a solution that suits them as easily as video cameras. It doesn't work that way. An access control solution is sold through resellers or agents for the brand. More often than not, the solution is proprietary. And, integration with other systems could be cumbersome if a client does not have the expertise and system familiarity required. On the other hand, video cameras can be sourced easily without engaging oneself to an agent. Competition is fierce and out in the open with countless brands to choose from, driving the price down leaving you with a lesser margin. Hence, when selling video cameras, quantity is key in comparison to access control solution.

For access control, in order for a client to purchase a suitable system that matches their requirements, a client needs to be consulted by resellers or agents prior to the purchase and engage them for the installation and commissioning to get the system up and running. This makes the access market niche and therefore gives the supplier the ability of controlling the price margin at a respectable level.
2. System Complexity Drives the Margin Up
Being an access control supplier or system integrator requires a certain skill set and understanding of the whole installation and integration system in order to manipulate the system and its software to fulfill the requirements of the clients. Door access is not a plug-and-play kind of solution, unlike video cameras, which can be bought in a hardware store, installed and configured DIY. It's not as simple as attaching an electromagnetic lock to a door and consider it done for access control.

Door Access encompasses a lot of other factors such as time zones, strict access, remote monitoring, transfer of data in real time, emergency handling, audit trail, and many more features and functions.

When an installation requires the integrator to match with the security requirements of the clients, the job must be done by the know-hows and this drives the system's price up, giving you more money in handling the business. The complexity in the system installation and commissioning provides lesser competition to integrators in the access control market than in the video market.
3. Integration Provides More Value
When buying a system, the possibility of integration for a more holistic system is always welcome. Maintaining a few separate systems could cause a headache and more trouble to the company and that’s why centralization is the way to go. But what is even more amazing is when a system can cater to many solutions; for example Video Surveillance, Tour Guard, Alarm System, all these features are included in a single software. This is not common in video surveillance product where integration of other solutions is made available. With the possibility of future expansion and more system integration, customers will be convinced that they are getting their money’s worth with the investment that they put in.
4. Maintenance Contract is Possible
A door access system has to be in tiptop condition at all times and therefore, frequent maintenance is just as crucial as it’s guarding the security of the workforce and premise of a company. With this in place, resellers or agents can earn recurring income as well.

If you are already in the FingerTec business either in the time attendance or Door Access trade, it’s time to take a relook on Door Access segment in ACaaS perspective and map up your marketing to boost sales in your area.

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