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What is TimeTec Access as an ACaaS solution?
Hosted services are becoming ubiquitous. The cloud solutions continue to touch and, in many ways, transform everyday life from the use of social media to remotely managing home and security features such as cooling system, lighting, alarm system and even door locks.

For TimeTec Access, a much more simplified version of hardware will remain onsite; however, the software and all servers will be removed from the customer’s premises, and will be managed through cloud servers, and smartphone will be used as the major credential replacing cards and fingerprints.

As a true cloud solution, TimeTec Access ACaaS contains the following:
With multi Tenancy in place, the application software can be scaled based on load and performance needs, thereby reducing the overall operational cost of the entire infrastructure. One application serves all clients and each client's data sets are partitioned on the server and kept secure. The application itself serves as the entire ecosystem. The distinct advantage is for security updates – e.g. protecting the operating system that manages the underlying system. Most operating systems are Linux or Windows, which require patches.

Scalable and on-demand
The server used must be flexible to cater to the customer’s demand. If a customer needs to add (or subtract) users or doors, then the system must be able to adapt quickly to those needs, i.e. rapid elasticity, and multi-tenancy will auto scale based on load. Since any customer can use any application tier server, the utilization is maximum keeping the overall cost low.

Backup servers are in place in case any error occurs.