Frequently Asked Questions
1. How does TimeTec Access work?

TimeTec Access is a cloud and mobile-based access control system. In TimeTec Access, an Admin is responsible in managing the devices, either TimeTec BLE2 or TimeTec BLE5, as well as the access points, the access times and the user accounts in the cloud server. When the TimeTec Access mobile App is in use, the users need to login into the App to download the access permission from the cloud server. Based on the access permission given to the user, the App will list down the authorized access points for the user. When the user approaches an access point that he/she is authorized to access be it doors, gates, turnstiles, the user needs to trigger the App to send an unlock command to the matching access devices. When a QF Master is installed, it has to be connected to the cloud server to download all the user credentials and access permission and store it into its memory. Hence, when a user uses QF Master to access, the QF Master will scan and verify the user accordingly. After the user is verified, the QF Master will decide on the user's access permission based on the settings and send the unlock command to the TimeTec BLE-2 or TimeTec BLE-5.

2. What kind of locks can connect to TimeTec Access? Must the lock be your brand or I can choose from any generic brands in the market?

You can use any electronic locks out there with TimeTec Access' but the lock's relay contact has to be connected to the TimeTec BLE-2 or TimeTec BLE-5

3. Do I need to buy a specific kind of smartphone to be able to use TimeTec Access or any smartphone will do?

Your can use both Android or iOS smartphone to install TimeTec Access. However, you have to make sure that the smartphone's operating system is at least Android 4.4 and above or iOS 10 and above. And another important thing is, the smartphone you use must have the Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

4. What happens during blackout? Would all the doors and barriers be without security?

The door lock system is powered by electricity and the power is cut and you don't have any back up, definitely all systems down and doors unlocked. Therefore, it is recommended to install rechargeable backup batteries to the door lock system to maintain security even when the power is cut off.

5. Can I use smartphone and key at the same time for double security?

Yes, definitely. You can still install a normal door lock after you deployed TimeTec Access at your access points. This door lock could be your extra security after work hours whereby during the day the door lock is always open locked only by TimeTec devices and emlock, unlocked via App. And when you are ready to leave the office, lock the door with a key for double security.

6. Can I give the temporary pass to my staff when I'm abroad? Will I know when he/she accessing my space?

This is one of the advantages of using TimeTec Access.You can create a temporary pass via the App and whenever that person is accessing you space using the temporary pass, the cloud server will notify you immediately.

7. When I give a temporary pass to an authorized personnel, can he/she share this pass with other people?

No. For security reasons, the temporary pass is assigned based on user account. For example, when you created a temporary pass for John, he is the only person who can receive the pass in his mobile app. He can use it but not to send/share with others. And any access to your space, even if John gives his mobile to another person, John will be held responsible because the pass is under his care.

8. TimeTec Access offers 4 types of unlocking methods and there is one known as automatic unlock, is the settings easy and would it unlock automatically when I approach a door/barrier?

You must make sure that you have launched the App and your smartphone has to be unlocked before you reached the door/barrier. When you fulfilled both requirements, the App can send the unlock command to the TimeTec BLE2 or TimeTec BLE5 at the door/barrier.

9. Can i be using all four unlocking methods at different times? Or I have to stick to one style all the time?

Yes, you can use any methods at any time at any doors yet different unlocking method works best with different access point. Explore further at

10. The price is per user per month. Say, if my subscription ends at 12 midnight today and I didn't realize it, would I be barred from entering my office until I've paid my subscription?

If you are using FingerTec Terminals, you can still access to your premises, however the door transactions are not viewable in your TimeTec Access account and you won't be able to manage the terminals from the TimeTec Access. If you are using the TimeTec BLE- 2 or TimeTec BLE-5, you won't be able to access the door as there is not valid license available. Therefore we suggest for you to opt for an auto renewal to ensure smooth renewal process. Also, our system will send an email reminder 30 days before your subscription ends to your valid email.

11. The host of the locks can give temporary pass to anybody he wishes, the question is, must this recipient pay for the license even though he/she is going to use it only once?

License are charged per active user within the subscription period. As long as there are unused license within the subscription period, the host can assign a temporary pass to any active user in the system.

12. If my staff resign, can I suspend the account and pass the account to a new staff?

You can stop the resigned staff's account and create a new account for the new staff. However this process will affect your license count because you are minusing one account and adding one more.

13. If my smartphone is stolen, is there any way I can access my information? Can I login from another smartphone?

Yes. When you login from a new smartphone, the App is going to detect a change of security code which is your mobile ID under your profile. Then, the cloud server will send an authentication code to your registered email. You must insert the new authentication code into the new smartphone to activate the account whereas your account in the old smartphone gets deleted immediately.

14. TimeTec Access is using Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate, would this technology be supported in the future if the smartphone technology progresses into something better?

Bluetooth is the most common communication channel amongst many electronic and IT system for now and we expect it to last for many years. However, our company will always be keeping up with the technology and we will be introducing the latest technology when it becomes available and work on the integration possibilities.

15. Is it safe to lock the main door using BLE?

It is safe to use TimeTec BLE-2 and TimeTec BLE-5 at the main door because the installation of the device is done inside the premises and not exposed to intruders. However, it is advisable to also install an additional key lock for extra protection when the premises is left empty such as at night to increase security level.

16. QF Master scans visitors faces. How do you handle security issues on this matter?

Our system does not store user photos as credentials, instead it converts the face image into a digital template and the process is irreversible. When the storage is not in a form of a picture, the template is proprietary and can only be used on our solution.

17. QF Master is an App, can we just buy any smartphones and be able to use QF Master without requiring people to come and install?

Yes. You only need to make sure that you are using an Android phone with a minimum of 3GB RAM that is running on Android 7 and above. Install the QF Master app and use.

18. Is QF Master compulsory in TimeTec VMS? Can I opt not to use it?

You need the QF Master with TimeTec VMS if you want to control the visitor's access permission via access points. Therefore, if you are using TimeTec VMS to manage visitors, but not you don't involve any access permission, you don't have to install a QF Master.

19. Can I buy license for some of my staff and not all? What would be the impact of this decision?

The face recognition license is applied to the smartphones used to install QF Master only. One license for one smartphone. Therefore, it has got nothing to do with the staff count.

20. If we buy in bulk, is there a discount provided?

Contact us at for further discussion.