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Face ID 5 series
Face ID 5 series
The latest AI Facial Recognition for Door Access

Face ID 5 Face ID 5/ TD Face ID 5/ FTD
The hybrid face and palm recognition access device, with temperature scanner and face mask detector for the new norm and safety standards.

Face ID 5 series is the latest face and palm verification terminal that has been upgraded with the ultimate light-proof function. Users can now benefit from the advanced optical technology which is designed especially to address customers’ previous concerns and facilitate the detection process from all light sources. Invest in a device with varieties of proven features while obtaining high efficiency and accuracy of identity verification. Choose Face ID 5 series, the clearest choice of face recognition system around.
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AI Recognition Technology
Accurate verifications in seconds, an essential feature for door access to ensure smooth people flow. Stand within detectable distance for high-speed users' verification in less than 2 secs
Ultralight Proof Function
The Face ID 5 series device is embedded with the ultimate light-proof function technology to verify faces successfully even in a variety of light conditions, function effectively indoor & outdoor.
Palm Verification Technology
Place your palm in front of the device for alternative identity check with better hygiene control.
Verify with Mask On
Verifies a face even with a mask on for better safety; the feature is optional yet crucial amid the pandemic.
Face ID 5 stores up to 6,000 face templates, 6,000 fingerprint templates, 3,000 palm templates and up to 200,000 transaction logs.
Large Capacity
Fever Detection
Configure temperature threshold for easy detection of high body temperature to exclude the potential risk of contagious disease transmission and deny access immediately.
*This feature is available in Face ID 5/TD only
Thermal Imaging
Face ID 5/FTD is embedded with an advanced thermal imaging temperature detection for fast and accurate body temperature measurements.
Multiple Selection of Data Communication
Supports TCP/IP, RS485, Wi-Fi; providing versatility to data communication and transfer.
Seamless Integration with AWDMS
Compatible with cloud-based solution for time attendance, TimeTec TA.

Sleek & Modern Design
Attached to the mounting bracket or wall mount without ruining the space’s aesthetics.
Vivid Display
Having a 5” 65k color Thin Film Transistor (TFT) touch screen panel, the color of the display is vivid for smooth navigation and aesthetics.
Sensitive Touch Screen
The touch screen of Face ID 5 series is accessible for smoother navigation
UX Menu Presentation
Time Attendance and Access Control
Functions as a clocking device for attendance and connect it to the door for access control purposes of your company
Upgradeable Firmware
We conduct constant research and development for improvements, and firmware is upgradeable when necessary for a better performing machine
3-Year Manufacturer Warranty
The long warranty duration speaks louder about Face ID 5 series quality.
User Guide
Installation Guide
Quick Start Guide
Enrollment Form