Using TimeTec Access with FingerTec Biometrics
The fusion of biometrics with TimeTec Access (ACaaS) elevates Access Security to a whole nother level. Not only that security is assured from the get go by the most accurate biometrics authentication for users, TimeTec Access provides the convenience of data access and data management straight from the web browser and mobile Application.
Experience these features when you link FingerTec biometrics to TimeTec Access
Tailor Company's Structure to a Tee
Create, and manage your company profiles to include sub-divisions, branches and etc, according to your organization structure all under one account, to better organize your workforce.
Personalize User Profile Data Field
Customise the user profile data types to cater to company’s requirements.
Manage Multi Access Rights
Configure and grant access rights to individual administrators to use and manage the system accordingly.
Manage and View doors from Multi Locations, Buildings, and Floors
Get the overview of all doors at multi locations and manage user access permissions.
Monitor FingerTec Device Connection Status
Keep an eye on FingerTec devices’ connectivity statuses and get notify when any of them is disconnected.
Monitor each user door entry-exit activities
Observe the in and out activities of users through the system’s monitoring screen.
Access Reports Available
Print reports of Door/Device relation, users access activities, door access activities and raw access data.
TimeTec Access is not designed to perform several door access functions. However, the solution can be explored with installation of FingerTec Ingress software (bundled with all FingerTec biometrics products) at one local computer connected to the FingerTec devices via local area network (LAN)
Features Available on Ingress
Monitor door actions (open, close, force open, not close) reported by FingerTec devices.
View, manage and update door settings and rules (first card unlock, antipassback and emergency password) for FingerTec devices.
View, manage and update individual user's access groups and access time for FingerTec devices.
View, manage and update individual user's temporary pass for FingerTec devices.