FAQ for Siren Kit
1. Can the users trigger the Siren Kit installed at the guardhouse or security room by pressing the Panic Button on the TimeTec Access mobile App?

Yes they can. This is applicable for office that have added the Siren Kit to their security system. The default settings of the App will trigger the Siren Kit to alert the guards when users required help at their own floor.

2. What are the components installed with the Siren Kit to boost alert?

The Siren Kit comes with a strobe light, an alarm, and an LED panel to indicate the name and floor number of a user who requires help.

3. If user presses the Panic Button on the TimeTec Access App but he or she is not around the office area, wouldn't it add unnecessary burden to guards whom only take care the office's security issues?

TimeTec Access is designed in such a way that if a user pressed the Panic Button while he is out of office, the system would only alert his immediate contacts registered on his emergency contact, and would neither alert the guards or other employees, nor trigger the Siren Kit.

4. What happens when user presses the Panic Button when he is around the office's compound but not in his own floor?

The Siren Kit would be triggered as usual, but the notification received by all the emergency contacts will provide an update of his exact whereabouts.

5. Could the Panic Button or the Siren Kit work without the TimeTec Access App?

Only guards can trigger the Siren Kit at the guardhouse without an App to alert the office’s respective if there is a situation. And the Siren Kit works seamlessly with Panic Button and TimeTec Smart Alarm of TimeTec Access.

6. What is a TimeTec Smart Alarm?

TimeTec Smart Alarm is a wireless alarm system deploying Bluetooth technology. It can be installed as a standalone system in an individual house with TimeTec Security App, but if an office is using TimeTec Access solution, the TimeTec Smart Alarm can be integrated with the system. When your floor in a building triggered the TimeTec Smart Alarm, it also will trigger the Siren Kit at the guardhouse to alert the guards and the surrounding. In other words, if you are using TimeTec Smart Alarm in the office, TimeTec Access acts as a Central Alert System for it.

7. How Siren Kit is ever connected to TimeTec Access server at all time when it is installed at the guardhouse?

The Siren Kit comes with both LAN and WiFi module to link up to a guardhouse’s network. Simply install a WiFi router with an Internet connection to the guardhouse to use the Siren Kit.