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FingerTec News | 05/08/2019
The demand for access solution via smartphone has spiked over the years when mobile application usages are designed to serve more than personal lifestyles and it has been extended to benefit businesses and corporations. Riding this trend, TimeTec introduces TimeTec Access, a combination of Web and App application to present the market with convenient mobile Access Control complete with audit trails and reports.

TimeTec Access can be paired with IoT devices i.e. TimeTec BLE-5 controller via Bluetooth Low Energy and based on the settings done in TimeTec Access, the App will transmit the command to the access controller either to provide access or otherwise. All the access activity records are kept in the server and viewable in the App and via Web.
What can TimeTec Access accomplish for you? TimeTec Access basically is suitable for organization that requires different access permissions to different individuals. For example, for group A, the access time is 8am to 5pm while group B is from 3pm to 12pm and group C is 6am to 3am. Or perhaps some staff have to report to Site A for 4 hours on certain days, while some have to go to Site C for 6 hours on Friday. By having different access zones, companies need a system that can easily manage the access control of their premises and people.

With TimeTec Access, settings and access permission can be done in the Web while the users only have to use the App to unlock and view own activities. Users just have to download the TimeTec Access App and use it to enter into authorized spaces.
TimeTec Access App
Unlock Doors
Register New Device
Access Records
Change Access Time
Change User Access Group
Temporary Access
TimeTec Access is available at USD2 for each user per month and the App can be installed from App Store and Google Play for free.
Great news for the early TimeTec Access subscribers, you will automatically get TimeTec VMS, Visitor Management System for one floor for free for 6 months when you subscribe to TimeTec Access with us with terms and conditions apply.

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