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FingerTec News | 03/01/2020
Says that the Internet of Things and Cloud form a combination model that designs on the outset to keep responsible for driving quantities and quantities of data into the data lakes with a reliable securing data protection system. However, despite the credibility IoT and cloud servers have gained over the years, it remains controversial that both are prone to data integrity and confidentiality.

Regardless, IoT-Access control is still spurring a phenomenal growth in the market, of the implementation of IoT and cloud storage for access security in workplaces. Having IoT served as the backbone of the intelligent door locking systems, devices for identity authentication can now be taken charged by trusted virtual management.

IoT Integrated TimeTec Access

Premises entrusted with TimeTec Access control have faith in this system of control, determining this by its high-granularity that makes it desirable to assist in maintaining the privacy of day-to-day cavernous data and high-security variants. All TimeTec Access associated devices with IoT integrated are capable of mitigating the foreign interferences and catalyzing the mismanagement of sensitive data for false entry/exit of buildings or doors.

The capability of sensing accurately under the right conditions is the strength of this intelligent network. These devices embedded with wireless communication interfaces improve communication capabilities significantly over the Internet. They are supporting the functionalities of coordination to minimize the hazardous admission at doors.

TimeTec Access creates an IoT environment that brings about the convenience of data access and data management directly from web browsers and mobile applications. Most importantly, this system of ours ensures smooth people's movement from one access point to another while the integration of IoT keeps the intact data transfer via a tranquil gateway between networks.
IoT Integrated TimeTec Access System
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