Wireless Access Security,
A Reality with TimeTec Access
and BLE
FingerTec News | 30/05/2019
Mobile App has become a necessity these days where people are finding importance and convenience in using smartphone Apps rather than not. Moreover, the usages of mobile Apps have been getting more serious as we move further on into Industrial Revolution 4.0 adoption such as banking, e-commerce, e-wallet and more. That said, another great accomplishment by TimeTec is the introduction of the wireless access security with the use of a mobile App and a petite Bluetooth controller named TimeTec BLE-5.

The simplicity of TimeTec Access mobile App and TimeTec BLE5 combination presents users with access convenience literally at your fingertips.
TimeTec Access App
  Unlock Doors
  Register New Device
  Access Records
  Change User Access Group
  Temporary Access
  Change Access Time
The mechanism of this latest access system is straightforward. Simply install TimeTec BLE-5 Bluetooth controller with door accessories, connect the controller to the App and push all the control to TimeTec Access mobile App. Hence, the system only needs the correct pairing between the BLE and the App to provide access to the users. Whenever a user presses on the lock icon to unlock access, the phone will scan the controller via the BLE signal and once the pairing is matched, access will be granted.
System Diagram

Nevertheless, as simple as it sounds, TimeTec Access is not simply opening doors for a user like conventional keys do. This solution offers an array of useful features in access control such as audit trail of access activities in real time, access reports and analysis for a decent duration of time, notifications for all access activities of one’s lock and a temporary pass in case someone else has to open the door or access when the owner is not present. This temporary pass can be set with a time limit to manage your access points.

By using TimeTec Access App that is available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store, opening doors can be done straight from your mobile phone through one of the 4 ways.What’s more, this Access combination is economical and this solution can be added on to the other security measures being deployed at your premises.
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