TimeTec BLE-5
The Better Controller

FingerTec News | 05/03/2020
Many products offered in the market required a recurring cost for service orchestration whereby after-sales support such as server configuration and management are not guaranteed. Appliances tend to develop an unpredictable fault that can undetectably impact operations. In fact, at its worst, it may contribute to the overall security failure of a company. If truth be told, security plays an essential component in building a better workplace and environment. It is the key to monitor and guard physical assets, not to mention, a promise to your employees.
Businesses should learn to safeguard not only their interests in profit gain but to foresee what should be protected. For enterprises leaning toward a higher quality of long-term business development, technological infrastructure will come into play eventually and crucially.

It is to be anticipated with its effect on company culture, business efficiency and relationships. More critically, the impact it has on the security of confidential information and trade advantages invested in technology to support people moving within the premises essential.
These concerns all lead to…
A sharply observed value on controllers. The flow of access activities can have significant effects on business operations, that cloud deployment strategy supports the security compliance program substantially and has become remarkably unexceptional worldwide.

The development of TimeTec Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Controller Series has been further refined with the introduction of TimeTec BLE-5, which gives a competitive advantage over other retailers with its features and services.

This product, BLE-5 Controller is most optimal for users that are keen on Better Flexibility, Better Scalability, and Better Mobility. And that makes this controller a better version amongst other identical products.
TimeTec BLE-5
provides reliable and scalable function
4 Unlocking Methods
(Tap via App, Voice Command, Door Unlock Auto Detection, QR Code)
Users can now unlock the door with not one but ALL 4 ways to employ a higher efficiency of active doors activities

Hardware Replaced with Smartphone App
Users can now keep all hardware, wirings or key fobs away by controlling everything with only smartphones

Remote Access Authorization
Users can now pre-authorize and send virtual temporary keys to others without having to be at the premise physically for guests verification

Door Control with Internet Connection
Users can now access and control the doors anywhere and anytime for as long as there is an internet connection on both sides. This product is also embedded with a Bluetooth Low Energy module
Real-Time Notifications
Users can now choose to receive live updates via the App for monitoring use or security practice
TimeZone & Locks Configuration
Users can now set and amend the access time, rules and restrictions for all or selected door access points
Extra Security Measure
Users can now link this with a Monitoring software by connecting the TimeTec BLE-5 controller with a surveillance system
Best Practice For Security Measures Amplified with TimeTec BLE Series

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