Managing Lift Access in TimeTec Access
FingerTec News | 05/03/2020
Lift is just another version of a door. Every door you walk out is a door of possibility, anything can happen after walking across the threshold. Make no exception to the main door of a home, an office, a building. Oh! And The LIFT. This impactful invention has become an important essence in life for most, made possible to carry people, items and goods to desired storeys effortlessly. Regardless of a ride to or from a floor, two floors, ten floors, fifty floors or more than a hundred-floor skyscraper, you as a user, entrusted your lives to it.

Think about the purpose of this mechanism, think about the design, the capacity, and the safety. All in all, it is the perfect workflow of the ride that reminds users of the essentiality of the lift. But one of the prominent concerns users would raise is the quality of lift access control. Nothing comes more important than to feel protected when getting a ride in a compact space with a multitude of strangers.

Lift and Life, just a letter of difference, yet are so closely interconnected to our lives. With the unexpected number of rides a lift would operate on a daily basis and the number of total strangers one comes across by coincidences, the management of lift access comes into the play as the protagonist.
Lift Access Control System must address to
Manage user security permission to access particular floor(s) in building lift

TimeTec Access will:
• Avoid intruders or unfamiliar faces entering the blocks without identity check
• Free from danger or threat
• Make higher guarantee of security assurance with corrective measures
Implementation of scalable features and components to meet requirements of users

TimeTec Access will:
• Accommodate schemes to suit clients’ situation
• Provision promising access qualities such as bypass or passback feature, modern access credentials and automated backup system
• Encourage IT innovation for better facility support
Develop a transparent approach for prospecting regulatory systems and take charge of the communication of lift surveillance control systems

TimeTec Access will:
• Prove of information security monitoring (prevent unauthorized access, disruption, modification, inspection or destruction of information etc.)
• Understand the structures, constraints and possibilities for sustainable development
Design a lift workflow system that maintains and improves the efficiency and comfort in the working environment

TimeTec Access will:
• Identify, analyze and evaluate lift control for operative implementation
• Promote more effective practices to control and eliminate admission control risk factors
• Demonstrate proficient engineering control and efficient access system
• Reduce the risk of ergonomic injuries
These are all reachable with TimeTec Access
IoT integrated TimeTec Access system
   Looks out all the potential risk factors that will impact the overall lift security requirements
   Creates a highly optimised and practical elevator access control system for each premise at a very affordable price
Are you a user of our TimeTec Smart Lift already?
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