TimeTec Patrol
Detailing patrolling activities, bettering buildings security.
Security companies are responsible to secure their clients’ premises and assets from damage and loss by assigning effective patrolling schedules for their guards, and provide a full report to the hiring companies including the details of the security measures taken to match the bottom line and ROI.

With TimeTec Patrol, security companies can leave all the complications of guard patrolling behind because TimeTec Patrol provides a cloud-based solution for them to manage the guards patrolling activities at the sites effectively and then, more.
Centralized Assignments on Cloud
Supervisors can manage patrolling routes with ease and assign guards on duty with random task or additional routes on ad hoc basis on TimeTec Patrol which centralize the data in cloud server.

Set comprehensive scheduling and attendance management for all employees, and time data can be exported to third party payroll software for wages processing.
Real-time Reporting of Incident
Guards can report incidents during their patrolling duties to the management personnel in real-time. No more unaccountable incidents with our reliable TimeTec Patrol.

With "Panic Button" feature, security company can react as soon as the incident occurs.
GPS Tracking
The supervisor or manager can manage checkpoint routes for multiple clients and locations, get real-time updates for every checkpoint scanned on your guard tours.

To ensure the guards are working according to their assigned jobs, management can view real-time GPS locations of your entire remote security workforce. TimeTec Patrol also provides searchable historical reports and shifts by GPS locations.
State-of-the-art Patrolling Device
Replace conventional guard tour device with an NFC enabled Android smartphones. Download TimeTec Patrol app and you are good to go.
Management can assign the schedules to the patrolling guards accordingly while security guards just need to tag all assigned patrolling checkpoints with the NFC tag

Measurable ROI
TimeTec Patrol gives you value for your investment and accurate data to assess the effectiveness of your staff or your security services rendered to customers.

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