FAQ for TimeTec Barrier
1. How would a TimeTec Barrier installation in TimeTec Access restrict non-employee entries and exits at a neighbourhood?

TimeTec Access's usage is limited to registered users only and they can sign in to the app to unlock gate barrier. Non-employees are neither permitted to access the solution nor login nor to the app.

2. If a non-employee steals a registered user’s TimeTec Access login credentials and login to the mobile app, could the non-employee use the app?

No. TimeTec Access has been embedded with a security measure that ensures no credential can be easily stolen. During registration, each user account will be tied up with its owner's smartphone and in case the same login credential is being used to login from another smartphone, the TimeTec Access app will block the access and require the person to insert a new pairing code, which will be delivered to the user's registered email account. Without getting the details of the new pairing code, accessing to account is impossible.

3. Can a user change to a new smartphone and still login to TimeTec Access app and use TimeTec Barrier?

As long as you are the legit owner of the account and you have the new pairing code that is sent to the registered email account, changing of smartphones is permissible. Once the user enters the new pairing code, the previously used smartphone will be erased from list and no longer in use.

4. Can I use my TimeTec Access app to open the gate if I take an Uber or a taxi?

Definitely you can because the barrier is controlled by the TimeTec Access app on your smartphone. So whether you are a passenger or a driver, it doesn’t matter. However, the vehicle driver will not be able to unlock the gate after he/she dropped you off because he/she doesn’t have an access to TimeTec Access. Tell the driver to let the guard opens the gate to exit. Or if your office compound implements stringent security check, you have to follow the rules by registering your taxi or Uber driver at the entrance gate even though your TimeTec Access app account allow you to open the barrier gate.

5. I have visitors coming to visit me. Can I create temporary passes for them in TimeTec Access app to unlock the entrance gate?

No. You cannot create any temporary passes for non-employees to unlock the entrance gate. All non-employees have to report at the security checkpoint before they will be granted access to your floor.

6. Does TimeTec Barrier has anti-passback feature, which means the IN record has to pair with the OUT record?

Yes. TimeTec Barrier is built with anti-passback feature. The barrier will NOT open if a vehicle comes IN the second time without an OUT activity log in his previous record, and vise versa.

7. For better automation, why not lift the barrier straightway to allow access without user needs to hit YES button on their smartphone when TimeTec Barrier detected a valid vehicle?

It will create complication, because user normally carry their smartphone even without driving a car. Full automation means the barrier will open too when you go IN and OUT the compound without driving your car.

8. On top of controlling vehicle access, can TimeTec Barrier also be used to control smaller gates to restrict human access?

Yes. You can install TimeTec Barrier into other access control system for example turnstile, automatic gate and etc to restrict human access. Only users with Timetec Access app can unlock the barrier to gain access.

9. The distance between in and out barrier gates could be very near but the Bluetooth coverage is wide. When the app is sending an unlock command when I'm near the In gate, could the Out gate also capture the command and unlock me?

No. The Bluetooth ID for each BLE 2 Gate Control is different and only the BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board installed inside the IN gate shall respond to your command.

10. My office compound is a new development that does not have mobile Internet access. Can I still use the TimeTec Access app to unlock the gate?

Yes, the TimeTec Access app can download your access credentials/permission before your mobile Internet went off and the data will be stored inside the app for you to unlock the gate even if you are offline.

11. What are the benefits to using a smartphone rather than using a card?

A card can be easily lost, stolen or forgotten because it has no other functions except to open gates; but a smartphone is functional and personal, an important part of today’s people's lifestyle. Smartphone has a lot of power and functions including to control TimeTec Barrier, one of the many TimeTec Access’s integrated features.

12. Can users still access and open the entrance gate after they have been resigned from duty?

No. The admin is responsible to disable and remove his smartphone access from the TimeTec Access management.

13. Can TimeTec Barrier BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board be installed at all types of barrier?

There are many types of barriers in the market and you can hardly find any plug-and-play systems. Customization to some degree might be required at the initial installation. Please write to us at info@timeteccloud.com if you have a barrier in mind that you would like to integrate with TimeTec Barrier BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board.

14. What kind of smartphone is required in order to operate TimeTec Barrier or do we need to find any specific functions in a smartphone for this matter?

The system is running on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which is very common in nowadays smartphones. If you are using an iPhone or an Android phone, as long as it supports Bluetooth 4.0 and above, you should be fine.