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FAQ for TimeTec BLE-16
Lift Control Management System
1. By installing TimeTec BLE lift control into the TimeTec Access system, does it mean that users can only access to their unit floor only?

Yes. TimeTec BLE-16 is designed to better security and convenience to its users. You just need to turn on the TimeTec Access App on your smartphone, press “lift control” for the lift to take you to your registered floor.

2. Do I still need to press the floor number on my smartphone or on the lift car panel when we are using TimeTec BLE-16?

No, you don't need to. When your admin set up your office layout in TimeTec Access system for the first time, all users have been invited to join according to their floor number. Hence, when they use the TimeTec Access App, the system already have the details of his/her floor.

3. Can I access to other blocks or floors of my office building that are not related to my floor?

No, you can't unless your admin grant permission to you. You can use TimeTec Access App to request a visit or invite your colleague to your floor, and vice versa.

4. Can I allow my colleague to have multiple time access to my floor during their visit?

Yes. When you permit multiple time access, the App automatically will allow you to provide one time or multiple time access for the lift to your floor.

5. How could I use the TimeTec Access App when I don’t even have a line to call out when I entered the lift?

Yes, you can definitely use TimeTec Access App to access TimeTec BLE-16 lift control because the system is designed to function in offline mode by using Bluetooth communication.

6. Is it safe for a lift car and a smartphone to communicate in an offline mode?

Yes. Just imagine when you have been issued a card to access a lift; the same mechanism applies when you are granted access on a preapproved basis and it is no difference in TimeTec BLE-16 Lift Control System. The only distinction is, the RFID card is replaced by a smartphone as your credential. Preapproved basis and offline mode is a much reliable mechanism and it can reduce technical glitch in operation. Worry not; all access log activities will be uploaded to the system once the smartphone is back online.

7. What are the benefits of using a smartphone than using a card?

Cards can easily be lost, stolen or forgotten because it has no other functions except to open doors or gate; but a smartphone is functional and personal, an important part of today’s people’s lifestyle. Smartphone contains a lot power and functions including controlling the lift with BLE-16, one of the many TimeTec Access’s integrated features.

8. Can a user still access the lift after he/she has resigned from duty?

No. The admin is responsible and can easily disable and remove his smartphone access from TimeTec Access management.

9. In case of any employees do not own any smartphone, what's the solution to that?

We suggest that every floor to be issued with a BLE card as back up to cater for such situation, and it would be preset to access to your designated floor only.

10. How do I access an underground car park or common areas? Do I have to use a smartphone also?

No. Just press on the lift panel to access to these common floors.

11. If my visitor visits me, would the guard issue him with a card or he could access by using the TimeTec Access App?

We strongly recommend using the TimeTec Access App because by pre-registering, visitor will receive a QR code to be scanned at the guardhouse, and a pre-approved access code to access to your building (if using BLE reader) and a lift access to your floor (if using BLE lift control). No card needs to be issued and returned at the reception or guardhouse to ease visitation process without compromising security.

12. What if some visitors didn't have any smartphones?

The BLE smart card can be issued and used as a backup.

13. If employees have an all time access on the lift, how about visitors who are only allowed to visit at a certain time period?

TimeTec Access has time zone control for visitors to access the lift depending on the nature of the visit and the right granted to him/her.

14. Your system is using an offline mechanism based on a pre-approved basis. Is it possible for a visitor to cheat your system by setting the date and time on their smartphone back to the period when he or she was allowed to access the lift?

No, the lift would not be accessible. Because even BLE Lift Control is a passive panel based on the instruction given by TimeTec Access App, there is a real time clock built into the board. When visitor use TimeTec Access app to make request to access to the preapproved floor, the App will send the mobile phone’s date-time as well. The BLE Lift Control panel only grants access if the mobile phone’s date-time is the same as the information on the panel.

15. Can TimeTec BLE -16 work with any types of lifts?

There are many types of lift systems in the market, and you can hardly find any plug-and-play systems. Customizations to some degree might be required at the initial installation. Please write to us at info@timeteccloud.com if you have a lift system and interested to work with TimeTec BLE-16.

16. What kind of smartphones is required or do we need to find any specific functions to use TimeTec Access app to access a lift?

The system is running on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which is very common in nowadays smartphones. If you are using iPhones or Android phones, as long as it supports Bluetooth 4.0 and above, then you should be fine.

17. What if I want to access to the floor that has meeting room, dining lounge, pantry or smoking room? Shall I press any button on the lift panel?

No. These floor numbers would appear on your TimeTec Access app. The management can set and group all facilities under Facilities or General Floors. All of these floor numbers shall be reflected on user’s mobile app for easy access.

18. If someone losses his BLE card and somebody else found it; can the person who found the card use it to access the lift?

No. The person who lost a BLE card shall report to the management instantly to remove the card from the system and block access by unauthorized person.